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14 September, 2021

After more than five years competing against each other, Trish Hammond, the founder of Plastic Surgery Hub, and Nicole Montgomery, the founder of Trusted Surgeons, have joined forces to launch Anybodi Aesthetics – an online platform designed to ‘make everyone feel beautiful.

The two former rivals, who had barely spoken to each other previously, connected during last year’s national Covid-19 lockdown to help themselves, and others in the aesthetic industry, survive the time their businesses were closed.

While creating online content, including regular Facebook Live sessions with numerous industry guests to educate and inspire industry professionals around Australia, Nicole and Trish developed a newfound respect for each other and their respective businesses.

They also had many lengthy discussions about the rapidly changing aesthetic industry and decided that the best way to move forward and meet the new demands of both practitioners and consumers post-lockdown was with “a more positive and inclusive” business model.

Although Plastic Surgery Hub and Trusted Surgeons both attracted the support of industry practitioners and consumers, Nicole and Trish believe the businesses are no longer needed.

“Trusted Surgeons and Plastic Surgery Hub both started out as information sources for consumers considering plastic surgery, and therefore tended to focus on all the things that can go wrong with procedures as that’s what consumers wanted and needed (as there were no other sites providing such information),” explains Trish.

“While we both still believe that consumer awareness of all the things that can go wrong with plastic surgery is critical, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) are now actively educating consumers about the associated risks, so at Anybodi Aesthetics we are going to largely focus on the benefits of plastic surgery and other aesthetic procedures.

“We believe this more body positive approach better aligns with our personal and professional values,” adds Nicole.

“We have both had several cosmetic procedures and have enjoyed and are still enjoying the benefits that they have given us.

“At Anybodi Aesthetics we want to make sure that other consumers can access similar procedures if they want or need them.”

Anybodi’s mission is therefore simple: to make everyone feel beautiful. 

Anybodi’s belief is that loving yourself is a must. For those who choose to have aesthetic procedures, good for you. For those who choose not to have procedures, good for you too! We firmly stand by #YourBodyYourRules. A safe space where there is no judgement.

Created for “aesthetic professionals and everyday humans who support self-love, acceptance, wellbeing and healthy living”, Anybodi Aesthetics (which the women hope will quickly become a ‘movement’) is designed to appeal to all Australians whether they are underweight, overweight or somewhere in between” as it is firmly based on the belief that “our body weight, wrinkles, scares and flaws do not define us and do not measure what really matters”. 

Therefore, in a deliberate move to counter other businesses that “keep perpetuating the idea that being perfect will bring health and happiness”, the Anybodi Aesthetics website will offer visitors “highly recommended aesthetic solutions, specially crafted to nourish their confidence and provide expert advice” by providing them with all the information they need about procedures they may be interested in and helping them find “the right professional” near them. 

“We will of course still provide detailed educational information (including everything that can go wrong) on all procedures, but we want to play a major role in destigmatising plastic surgery by encouraging consumers to do what they want while empowering them to make the best choices. 

The Anybodi Aesthetics website will also feature life-changing surgery stories, ‘non-surgical superstars’ and the industry’s most trusted practitioners and treatments.


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