What it is?

Acne is classified as a skin disease. Acne affects both males and females. Generally, acne is more servere for adolcelent males due to high level of homornes throughout puberty. Males tend to overcome acne in their laate teens. Females also experince acne throughout puberty however females tend to present sympoms for significantly longer into their 30s and 40s.


  • Raised spots under the surface of the skin.
  • White heads are raised white spots on the skins surface.
  • Black heads appear on the skin surface as an open pore with a black plug blocking the pore.
  • Depending on the serverity acne can appear red, tender or inflamed on the skin including as lesions or cysts.


  • Acne is caused by bloackages in the skins pores. Generally the blockages are caused when the body’s oil glands gererate excessive oil (sebum) on the skin. The blocked pores combined with the build up of excessive oil creates acne.  
  • Hormones – hormone levels increase and can be unbaanced throughout puberty. Adrenal glands produce androgens which increases throughout puberty, the oil glands respond to the increase of androgens by producing more oil and releasing it on the skin.
  • Oil (sebaceous) gland blockage- The hair follicle duct in the skin does not clear itself as normal, causing a plug trappy the oil inside the duct/ pore. Bacteria- ance bacteria forms in the hair duct causing inflamation.
  • Gentetics- Ance can be hereditary, parents who suffer acne are likely to have children who suffer a similar condition.
  • Stress- Adregenal glands produce more oil when the individla is stressed, which in turn blocks the pore generating acne. 
  • Nutrition- Although there is little scientic evidence in this area, it is commonly belived that poor nutrition has a phyical effect on the body and appreance.   


blue LED light therapy

About treatment
LED light therapy is a natural process which uses gentle visible blue coloured Light to improve the appearance of ageing, sun-damaged and acne-prone skin without causing injury to the skin. The technology of blue light therapy is not recent, extensive research conducted by NASA, and international clinical studies, have provided reliable evidence of the benefit exposure to intense blue light has to treat skin disorders such as fine lines and age spots, as well as acne. 

Treatment used for 
According to international clinical studies, blue light has been shown to generate singlet oxygen, which attacks the bacteria that causes acne and helps with skin inflammation. The blue light therapy for acne is an alternative for clients who are not responsive or would prefer not to undertake the more aggressive treatments.

The procedure differs depending on the lamp used, in some cases the client may sit, recline or lie down while the lamp is placed over the treatment area. Alternatively, a LED blue light mask may be used to treat the face.

There is no recovery required for LED blue like treatment. it is always recommended to protect your skin from sun damage.


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