Excess Hair Growth/Hirsutism

Excessive Hair Growth

What it is?

Hirutism, is excess hair growth, primarily affecting women. The hair may be fine however the hair grows on the body where hair would not generally grow on the female body. 


Hair growth in areas on the female body such as the chin, cheast, stomach and back area. The hair may appear fine and/or fake as though the hair is stuck onto the skin rather then growing. 


  • Excess hair, or unusual hair growth can be caused by genes, hormones, or medication.
  • Hirsutism can be hereditary if the individuals mother or sisters experinence it it is likely the individual will also have excess hair growth in one or more areas. , you’re more likely to get it. Ethnicity may also influence the body’s hair growth.  
  • The body produces hormones called androgens. These are male hormones althogh females still produce low levels of androgen hormones.  In some cases the female body may produce higher levels of androgens which causes the growth of excessive hair among other symptoms depending on the level of androgens produced. 
  • Medical conditions such as  Polycystic ovary syndrome , which causes small cysts, or fluid-filled sacs, to form on your ovaries.
  • Cushing’s syndrome, which females get with have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol for long periods of time.
  • Tumors in the adrenal glands (which make hormones like cortisol) or your ovaries.
  • Medications can affect the hormone levels within the body. Medication such as anabolic steroids, Rogaine (minoxidil), Danocrine (danazol) all affect the bodies hormone levels.


Motus AX (hair removal)
About Treatment
The new laser DEKA Motus AX allows our experienced doctors at Renew Skin & Health Clinic to perform effective laser hair removal treatments for any type of skin, offering each patient the same superior cosmetic results.

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This compact, portable system allows for up to 10 handpieces which can reach any part of the body being 100% efficient from all points of view. With its accurate action, even at low power, the DEKA Motus AX laser hair removal treatment at Renew Skin & Health Clinic will ensure excellent cosmetic results with absolutely no side effects. Its efficiency can be easily proven by its ability to treat about 100 cm2 in under 25 seconds, so you can imagine how fast such a laser hair removal session is.

You will be invited to Renew Skin & Health Clinic to undergo a specialized consultation during which we will determine if you are an ideal candidate for the DEKA Motus AX laser hair removal treatment, but given its high versatility, almost anybody can benefit from its advantages.

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