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12 August, 2021

Coolsculpting Image Procedure Tummy

WOW!!!  I was truly surprised to see the changes in my body shape only 6 weeks after my initial CoolSculpting treatment.

I went to the clinic a couple of days ago for my follow up and it was 6 weeks since my treatment.  My lovely therapist, Fiona, took some more photos of me so that we could compare my body to when I first came in.

Over the 6 weeks the only change I felt and could see was a slight reduction in my love handles and felt that maybe my tummy, just ever so slightly.  When we looked at the before and after images there was a much bigger change than I was expecting, I was blown away.

I did my best to put together a little detailed image of my before and afters for you to see the changes – please no laughing at my underwear, lol!

CoolSculpting Before and After 6 weeks Image Comparison

My tummy before you can see pointed out, but after 6 weeks it’s flattened out and it now has more tone to it.  My love handles are not so bulky either.  Looks like I need to work on my posture though!

Well like I said I was really excited by the results so far and those areas will continue to reduce down over the next 6 weeks.  I must remember to continue to drink lots of water and stick to healthy eating because my body is in detox mode whilst it’s breaking down all those frozen, and now dead, fat cells.  Water jug is full and on my desk each day!

I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and getting back to the clinic for another look at my results at the 3 month milestone.

Cool Sculpting Treatment Before and AFter Image Tummy

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