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14 September, 2021

Twenty-five years after starting her career as a dermal therapist, Vita Catanzariti is delivering more than a touch of La Dolce Vita to clients at her luxurious medi-clinic on NSW’s Central Coast.

Vita opened the doors to Dolce Vita Skin, a premium destination specialising in holistic and medically supported treatments, just three years ago, but has already attracted a loyal following due to her ability to deliver “completely customised treatment plans for every client’s skin”.

Indeed, Vita and her team (cosmetic injector Dr Nik Davies, dermal therapist Kylie Alexander, nutrition and wellness consultant Chiza Westcarr, registered nurse Rhianna Catanzariti and front-of-house team, Kaitlin and Tiarne) are committed to offering clients “a lifetime of beautiful skin” rather than “just another quick fix”.

“We are at the forefront of emerging skin and body treatments,” says Vita.

“We adopt a holistic approach to skin, nutrition, health, wellness, injectables and hair restorations to deliver a multitude of benefits to our clients by not just focusing on individual components in isolation, but rather looking at every element that combines to achieve the desired results.”

While readily acknowledging that some other clinics offer similar services and treatment options, Vita believes the Dolce Vita Skin difference lies in “the fact that we really care for our clients and do everything we can to help them on their skin journey.

“Every Dolce Vita Skin client is treated “as a whole person from the moment they step into the medi-clinic,” she says.

“We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients during the initial consultations. 

“We try to find out as much as possible to develop an understanding of all the factors that impact their skin health (including diet, lifestyle, health, stress, etc) so that we can work with them to devise a skincare plan that will deliver the results they want.

“I’m never going to tell a client they need to have a series of a particular treatment just because it is available.

“Instead, I aim to create a realistic plan for them that will work within their lifestyle and budget.”

Locally renowned as ‘the skin whisperer’, Vita is convinced that getting to know clients and their needs before performing any treatments ultimately benefits every client as it helps them make sense of all the treatment options on the market.

“There are so many different skin treatments available nowadays that most people are overwhelmed and don’t know what option, or combination of options, is best for them.

“We take the guesswork out of those decisions and give them a plan for ‘a real skin journey’ they can go on to get the results they want.”

Vita believes the planning process also helps develop trust between her and her clients.

“Forming a relationship is important to me. They need to trust me.

“From the beginning, I want them to know I am seeing them as individuals and am genuinely interested in helping to improve their skin’s health.”

And, according to Vita, it is this “commitment to personalised service which consistently delivers results” that ultimately drives her clients’ loyalty.

Located about 90 kilometres north of Sydney, Dolce Vita Skin offers a premium experience for every client. 

“We are offering a totally different level of service to most clinics, so we don’t have to compete on price. We offer a premium service to achieve first-class results.

“My clients want results, but they also want TLC. Our clients love the experience we provide for them.


“No two skins are the same. I would rather create individual skincare plans that actually work than try and sell people one-size-fits-all packages that don’t.”

This highly personalised service also leads to a more significant commitment to “homecare” by clients, and therefore greater sales of the medi-clinic’s retail products which include Biologique Recherche, RATIONALE and Universkin skincare as well as The Beauty Chef powders and boosters.

“I have great pride in the product ranges we offer and know that they deliver outstanding results,” says Vita.

“I honestly believe a good skincare routine (and general diet/exercise/lifestyle routine) can lead to better outcomes for people’s skin/wellness in the long term, rather than one-off treatments, and I tell my clients that.

“When talking to clients, I often use the analogy of going to the gym and tell them that one gym session is not going to give them a great body or make much difference to their overall fitness.

“In the same way, I explain that I can only play one part in their overall skincare health and that if they’re going to come in for a treatment and then go out in the sun and drink all weekend, they will undermine the effects of the treatment and won’t get the results they want.

“I constantly remind them they have to take care of their skin and general health all the time – and that what they do day-to-day is more important than any single treatment that I perform.”

Vita’s own commitment to skincare began when she was a teenager and underwent treatments for her own problem skin. 

After completing her education, her career in the industry began at the Panacea in Wahroonga. Later she took on a role as a beauty therapist at the Crowne Plaza day spa in Terrigal before leaving to set up a skincare service at Dr Gazi Hussain’s plastic surgery clinic.

“I began educating myself through studying a diploma in cosmetic dermal science on pre-and post-operative care and laser treatments until I learnt how to build up the skin’s integrity before surgery and then help it heal afterwards.”

“I very much enjoyed the 13 years I spent working alongside Dr Hussain and other plastic surgeons as it gave me the opportunity to witness an array of skin treatments and ultimately develop the skills and knowledge to effectively manage a multitude of skin concerns,” she recalls.

“There is no doubt that the experience taught me a lot, but I had a clear vision of what sort of services I wanted to provide for clients and the only way I could make that a reality was by running my own clinic – and I was very confident in my ability to do so.”

Vita’s confidence – particularly in her ability to transform her clients’ skin – is most likely the most critical factor behind Dolce Vita’s success.

“I would never have had the courage to open the medi-clinic if I didn’t have 100 percent confidence in my vision, and I wouldn’t have the courage to devise customised treatment plans for clients unless I had 100 percent confidence in my skills.”

Vitas strongly suggests that others wanting success in the industry should strive for similar confidence in themselves, backed by experience and proven results.

“Once you have the education and skills to achieve results and you care for your clients, you are on the way to success,” she says.

“Your clients will know you value them and will stay loyal.”


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