Maintain That Youthful Glow With Laser Genesis

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13 August, 2021

CUTERA Laser Gen prime conversion - Maintain That Youthful Glow With Laser Genesis

Each time you look at your reflection in the mirror, do you wish your skin looks and feels like when you were younger? A lot younger? As we age, our skin is exposed to various kinds of radicals in the environment, not to mention the kind of activities we engage in and the lifestyles we have. Constant and extended exposure to the sun and the pollution in the environment and everyday stress can really show up in the skin in due time, especially in the face; making the skin look dull with dark spots, the skin becomes oily, and the pores look visibly large. You can often look years older than your actual age.

Thanks to the new and advanced innovations in aesthetic treatments, achieving that youthful look is just a laser away with the introduction of Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis is the latest innovation in facial treatments. It is the most recommended treatment for excessively oily skin, enlarged skin pores and dull-looking skin. What sets it apart from other skin treatments is that you can see the result right after the first treatment. Laser Genesis is a celebrity favourite treatment – it’s great for fine lines, wrinkles, redness, small veins, etc. but also future-proofing treat skin because it’s proven to stimulate collagen production.

The Laser Genesis Treatment

The Laser Genesis treatment generally goes for about half an hour to 45 minutes, with little or no downtime at all after the treatment. In fact, you can already go back to doing your normal household chores, or finishing your deliverables at the office. The beauty of Laser Genesis is that no one would even notice you had gone out for the treatment. Though the skin may look pinkish or a little reddish in the nose area after the treatment, there are no other tell-tale signs.

A minimum of six sessions up to ten sessions of Laser Genesis treatment is done four weeks apart of each treatment maybe required depending on the condition of area to be treated. Just a few things to remember though, when having the Laser Genesis treatment:

  1. Don’t wash your face in the next eight hours after the treatment.
  2. Avoid doing post-treatment activities that will require you to wash your face within the next eight hours.
  3. Do not apply strong toners, exfoliants and other similar exfoliating agents on the treated skin within the next three days.
  4. Avoid getting exposed to direct sunlight between 9am and 4pm in the next two weeks. If it can’t be helped that you have to be out, use a sunscreen protection or sunblock.
  5. DO feel good about yourself.

Perhaps the only common issue you will encounter after your Laser Genesis treatment is that you will look years younger than you really are.

With over 15 years of expertise in the medical treatment machine industry, Cutera continues to strive to develop and innovate highly reliable and top of the line medical treatment machines in order to meet the growing demands of physicians and their patients for safer and more effective treatments. One of the most in demand products in Cutera’s medical product line is the Laser Genesis technology.

With Cutera’s commitment in providing medical aesthetic professionals the power to adapt, evolve and stay current, so they deliver true patient satisfaction, each Laser Genesis treatment is surely worth your time. Click here to find a Laser Genesis practitioner near you.

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