More than a body sculpting treatment – Emsculpt can help to build strength and relieve pain

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24 August, 2020


Ocean Cosmetics is quickly becoming the non-invasive, non-surgical body hub of Perth, offering a variety of treatment options that can help with muscle strength, fat loss and cellulite reduction.

One of their newest treatments, BTL Emsculpt, is so much more than just a cosmetic procedure. Whilst it’s known for its muscle building and fat reduction, it also helps to build the strength of the muscles in a targeted area, such as the core. During a 30 minute abdominal session your core muscles are put through the equivalent of 20,000 sit ups – also known as supramaximal contractions.

Whilst this has a possible effect on the physical appearance of your treated area, the flow on effect from this enhanced strength can also help to correct posture and relieve pain, as one of our clients shares below.

Janelle’s Story – daily back pain, looking for alternatives to back surgery and medication

Living with chronic pain can feel exhausting, it can interrupt every part of your day. Making even simple tasks, like standing or sitting for extended periods of time painful. Often pain relief comes in the form of medication or further surgeries.


Dr Gina Messiha from Ocean Cosmetics where they offer the Emsculpt

Janelle, a regular client at Ocean Cosmetics, was close to having a spinal fusion surgery to overcome chronic back pain she had been living with for most of her adult life.

After spinal surgery 18 years ago, Janelle started to experience pain again 10 years later. “I had been referred to a specialist who suggested spinal fusion surgery. I wanted to try everything that was available before going down the surgery path.” With a busy schedule, it wasn’t possible to maintain regular rehab exercises, or physio appointments that would steadily build her core strength.

Then during a visit to Ocean Cosmetics, she learnt about their newest treatment – BTL Emsculpt. After discussing the treatment further with her cosmetic doctor, Dr. Gina Messiha, she decided to try a series of Emsculpt abdomen and buttock treatments to increase her core strength in hope to alleviate some of her pain.

Janelle needed something that was relatively quick and offered fast results. “I wanted to try everything that was available before going down the surgery path. I knew after the first treatment that I had done the right thing. I noticed a difference in my pain levels during the first week.”

After just three treatments Janelle explains how her life has transformed. “I no longer have to take a pain relief tablet in the middle of the day, which I had to do daily prior to starting Emsculpt.”

Janelle says while the treatment was an unfamiliar sensation, it wasn’t painful. “It felt very unusual, like nothing I had experienced before. I was expecting it to be quite painful, however, this was not the case. After five minutes I was used to it. I then started to read a book and the time flew by.”


Emsculpt is a comfortable procedure that can help build strength and relieve pain.

A bonus for Janelle was the increased muscle tone. “My stomach and bottom feel so much tighter than before I started the treatment.” While her goal was to reduce her back pain, Janelle said, “the added benefit of having a flatter stomach was just an extra plus!”

Janelle exclaimed she “would not hesitate to recommend the treatment to anyone who has back issues.”

If you would like to find out more information about BTL Emsculpt and how it can help you reduce pain and build muscle in a targeted area contact Ocean Cosmetics for a consultation today!

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