Russian Lips with Dr Noury Adel – New Lip Filler Injection Approach

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22 June, 2022

A New Approach for lip filler injections using an inverted Mercedes Benz sign with Dr. Noury Adel, from Cairo, Egypt was explained at the recent Non-Surgical Symposium on the Gold Coast.

The inverted Mercedes Benz approach is Dr. Adel’s latest three-point approach to injecting the lips. This procedure Dr. Adel explained was most suitable for the Russian Lip that has become so popular around the world.

 The main objective of the Russian Lips technique is to heighten the lips rather than add excessive volume and plumpness.

As Dr. Adel says, all lips are different, and his approach is to preserve the natural lip shape of each person, rather than create lips that look fake. 

Before and after

Before and After Picture New Lip Filler approach by Dr. Noury


Dr. Adel prefers to use a canula in this approach, as it is safer. However, he does agree that needles are useful for artistry.

The three points that Dr Adel injects his lip filler include the top two points of the cupid’s bow. The third point is at the middle point of the mid-line of the bottom lip – hence the description of an ‘inverted Mercedes-Benz’ symbol. 

Once the canula enters one of the top points of the cupid’s bow, it then moves in vertically. This vertical direction of injection applies from all three points

The result is an improved, more pronounced cupid’s bow, and an overall improved and pronounced shape of the lips – all characteristic of the much sought-after Russian Lips that so many women are requesting.

The typical approach of injecting horizontally from the corner of the mouth would not get the same pleasing result according to Dr Adel.

Dr. Noury Adel

-Dr. Noury Adel

“This is a new and modified technique for lip filler injection, unlike the conventional procedure, this technique may provide the best result, especially for those wanting Russian lips.”
– Dr Noury Adel

The Russian Lip injection technique is typically aimed to achieve an increase in the height on an upper lip. This means the pink of the lip is raised higher on the top lip and creates the very real illusion of shortening the philtrum. Equally the bottom lip drops lower giving a deeper ‘v’ shaped curve toward the chin.

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