Penis and Vaginal Skincare

14 September, 2021

Yes, you read that correctly! There are products available specifically for vaginal and penis skincare. But before you make any judgments or assumptions that it’s all about vanity, take a moment to learn more about why we want to look after our vaginal and penis skin health.

As we age our skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. This includes our intimate areas, and can lead to irritation, itchiness, flaking and discomfort. It can also cause awkwardness during intimacy with our partners and embarrassment when the patient is itchy and flaking all the time. Everyone sit up and take notice… there is help available, and it’s much easier than you might think.

We’ve discovered the OMV range of products and we’re excited to tell you about them. OMV have developed scientifically proven products to help with our vaginal and penis health. Designed to nourish your skin in your more intimate areas the OMV products can also help with skin elasticity, hydration and contain completely natural skin regenerative ingredients including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Besides the obvious skin hydration and health effects, OMV is said to help with other areas of your life too 😉

OMV Vaginal Skincare

The OMV Vaginal Skincare comes in topical ampules in the form of an oil-based formula that you massage onto the area (the outside of your vagina – read the product packaging for more detailed instructions). Suitable for all skin types with no artificial fragrances or colours, the oil will help hydrate and regenerate your vaginal skin. Many women get dry, itchy skin around their vagina as they age and just “put up with it”. We suggest before “putting up with it” you try these products. Take note that these products contain ingredients that get to a cellular level so besides helping with the obvious benefits of having beautiful skin, it also helps revive our skin to a more youthful state. What does that mean?! Check out OMV’s ad “Feel like a teenager again.”

We’re so excited about our discovery of these products. that we stock them in our shop. Easy as one two HELP YOUR VAGINA NOW!!

OMV One Manhood Vitamin

Men, there’s one for you too! Containing skin-strengthening vitamins, the OMV One Manhood Vitamin helps to keep your penis and it’s skin healthy and hydrated. Used daily, this topical skincare treatment is also said to keep the penile skin smoother (feeling good!!), and even claims to help the man feel more energised, help to increase the skin’s elasticity and health and reduce any dryness, irritation or a too-tight foreskin, often caused by the daily drying effects of soap, chemicals in lubricants and ageing. The ingredients also have skin plumping qualities, and helps to stimulate blood circulation and cell regeneration. Again, it’s as easy as massaging the oil-based formula onto the intimate area.

YAY – we love healthy vaginas and penises. If only all of us were as in-the-know as us, we’d be happier for it 😉 

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