Petition for Mothers Suffering Lifelong Health Problems to Access Surgical Help

10 September, 2020

Petition for mothers

Don’t think it is fair that mums can’t access a Medicare rebate for an abdominoplasty to repair damage after pregnancy unless they have also had mass weight loss? Then sign the petition for mothers set up by mum of two Kerrie Edwards before 23 September and join over 2000 other women and doctors!

The petition is for the Federal Government to reinstate access to the tummy tuck Medicare item for the women who suffer from life-long health problems, including back pain and incontinence acquired from abdominal injury during pregnancy.

Federal Government Removes Support for Medically Challenged Mothers

In 2016 the Government ended support for these women by removing access to the relevant Medicare item number for abdominoplasty and restricting it only to mass weight loss patients.

How Helpful is Abdominoplasty – The Research Conclusion

Concerned plastic surgeons from around Australia commenced research to show just how helpful abdominoplasty can be at reducing the chronic health issues facing women after childbirth.

That research was published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Dr Dilip Gahankari, Dr Graham Sellars and Dr Mark Magnusson included as co-authors.

The research concludes emphatically just how helpful abdominoplasty can be at reducing the chronic health issues.

Health Repercussions for Women Without Access to Surgery

Petition for mothers

Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Hunter Plastic Surgery

The reality for many women is they need their abdominal wall repaired if it was irreparably damaged during pregnancy. This is not about cosmetic ‘mummy makeovers’ which are great – but will not attract a taxpayer rebate. This is about addressing the devastating health repercussions after childbirth suffered by many women.

“This is the reconstruction of abdominal separation that can’t be fixed no matter how much physio or diet they do. And for whom back pain and incontinence becomes a chronic problem for many of these women.” – Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, Hunter Plastic Surgery.

What Needs to Happen Now

It is hoped that this research and petition gives the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt MP, the grounds he needs to restore government support to mums facing significant health issues again. Not for cosmetic surgery, but for reconstructive muscle repair.

What You Can Do to Help – Sign the Petition TODAY

Contact your local federal member of parliament and Minister Hunt and ask why the Medicare item number for abdominoplasty excludes women with kids. You can also sign the petition below.

Sign the petition by 23 September 2020 now by clicking here.

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  1. Sue Burgoyne says:
    This surgery is so life changing for women after having children. We need to have it covered by Medicare

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