Deb Farnworth-Wood introducing ISSADA

Today Trish chats with Deb Farnworth-Wood about her new passion – ISSADA.
“The makeup has been around for a very long time, about 14 years or so – maybe 15 now. It’s very much an organic cosmetic range of makeup with a high degree of minerals. It’s always been mineral based, it’s always been anti-talc. The range has beautiful, beautiful products. The key to that, is that each product contains only ingredients that are really good for the skin. So it’s makeup but better, because it’s got a skincare element as well. It was founded by a beautiful lady called Fiona Neal in 2006, and she has grown it into a great range.
Iin June this year, I bought the brand from Fiona, but she still works with the business as the general manager of the make-up company. In November, we’re launching a ISSADA Clinical Formula Skincare – and that’s actually what you can see the banner behind me, this is what this will look like.”
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