Dr Fariba Behnia-Willison on Viveve

Just like the skin on our face. A vaginal tissue requires collagen for its elasticity and shape. Whether it be from the natural aging processes or physical stress from childbearing, the vaginal tissue can become stretched and weakened. The phenomenon of filling vaginal looseness is called vaginal laxity, which can also lead to other effects such as reduced sexual sensation as well as your during incontinence. Vaginal laxity is very common, but underreported and not well understood. In fact, millions of women experienced vaginal laxity are reported as the most noticeable physical change after vaginal delivery, which no one tells you about. However, 40 to 50% of women globally experienced prolapse and incontinence. Now that I have said the scene for you, the Viveve is a radio frequency device that delivers uniform water metric heating into the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue.
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