Dr Jay Burns (Sciton) mJoule & JouleX

“I don’t want to sell you a treatment anymore, I want to do a comprehensive skin care analysis, show you what you have, and sell you a long-term comprehensive treatment plan where your skin will look better every single year.”
In this insightful podcast, Trish gets to chat with Dr. Burns, where he shares his secrets about balancing results, safety, and downtime, and matching the most appropriate procedure and treatment plan according to your patient’s expectations and priorities using Sciton’s MJoule and JouleX platforms.
Dr. A. Jay Burns has been named numerous times, as a Best Doctor in Dallas in
D Magazine has been voted by his peers as a Texas Super Doctor, 17 years in a row, since the inception of the award. He is excited to continue serving patients as the sole director of Resurrect Skin M.D., whose mission is “bringing Skin to Life through science, care, and compassion.” Resurrect Skin M.D. encompasses Dr. Burns’ facial surgery practice, as well as his skincare, laser, aesthetic technology, and research center.
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