Dr Lionel Chang Talks Asian Eyelid Surgery

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr Lionel Chang is recognised in the industry for his experience in reconstructive surgery as well as Asian double eyelid surgery. Dr Lionel Chang commenced his training and career as a surgeon in general surgery; during which time he performed critical procedures which included removing diseased organs or tissue, allowing surgeons to save people’s lives and relieve people’s suffering. It was here in the trauma and emergency wards where he realized his true calling – “To Preserve & Reconstruct.” With the latest developments in plastic surgery Dr. Chang was not only able to relieve the suffering but also give his patients a new lease on life. This transformation into plastic surgery procedures allowed Dr. Chang to meld his creative touch into his highly tuned skill as a surgeon and the practice was born.

You can connect with Dr Chang at www.lionelchang.com

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