Dr Lisa Friederich Talks Gender Transition Surgery

Dr Lisa Friederich recently joined Silkwood Medical with many years of experience as both a facial and body plastic surgeon under her belt. She has worked in adult and paediatric plastic surgery in Perth as well as at the plastic surgery unit at Royal Melbourne Hospital for 6 months before a final move to Sydney, where she completed her training in plastic surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Before her medical career, Dr Lisa Friederich studied Art and Photography where she learned to appreciate the finer details and a great understanding of aesthetics – it’s those qualities that attracted her to the field of plastic surgery. Dr Friederich still enjoys photography in her free time, especially when it involves cityscapes or her “furry babies”, her two dogs.

There is nothing that makes Dr Friederich happier than spending the night in with her daughter and dogs, a good glass of wine, and a thrilling science fiction movie – she isn’t afraid to admit she’s a bit of a geek.

Besides photography, sailing is a hobby Dr Friederich enjoys a lot. In fact, she is currently in the middle of a sailing course and can’t wait to get her license and sail somewhere on her next holiday.

While Dr Friederich likes all aspects of plastic surgery, she is particularly interested in gender reassignment surgery and has performed breast surgery on male and female patients as part of their gender reassignment journey.

You can connect with Lisa at http://www.silkwoodmedical.com.au/meet-dr-lisa-friederich/

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