Dr Martina Lavery + Aesthetics

“I want myself on my team, we want to leave that patient feeling better about themselves than when they first met us.”
In this podcast, Dr Martina Lavery talks with Nicole about the vision to integrate dentistry with wellness and the aesthetics arena, but very much backed by a medical and dental model.
+Aesthetics was born out of Dr. Martina’s passion for cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. To enhance her knowledge for her patients undergoing aesthetic treatments she has studied a Diploma in Dermal Therapies and graduated with Distinction in the Masters of Science in Facial Aesthetics.
This is another insightful and fun podcast! Follow her @dr_martina_lavery and assure you’ll get a good laugh watching her amazing reels. If you want to learn more about the services offered, check out her websites at plusaesthetics.com.au and martinadental.com.au.
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