EmbraceRF – The Surgeon's Precision Tool with Dr George Calfas

Dr George Calfas is a highly qualified surgeon from GMC Cosmedical. He’s excited about the Embrace RF technology and how it has advanced his practice to offer patients treatment options that bridge the gap between injectables, laser and other in clinic procedures, and surgery. Embrace RF is able to provide results that were previously unavailable with other platforms and Dr Calfas says the Embrace technology approaches ageing issues differently. It is able to improve skin quality by affecting structural changes. These changes continue to evolve after the Embrace treatment so the results actually get better over time. It works on a subdermal level to remodel the face and neck areas and is able to assist with skin laxity and fat remodelling. Perfect for those wanting more than non surgical treatments can typically offer but who are not quite ready for surgery.
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