Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) Technology – the way of the future

We chat to Chris Coverdale from Cryomed Aesthetics about the TESLAFormer and TESLAChair. These devices use FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) Technology to stimulate and contract our muscles on a deeper level. This can have a regenerative and restorative effect on the body to treat a range of conditions. Completely pain-free and comfortable, the TESLAFormer and TESLA Chair are achieving results and providing solutions for patients where other treatments have failed. The TESLAFormer has shown evidence of being an extremely effective body forming solution – “get ripped” without surgery or years of regular gym work (including on the butt!!). The TESLA Chair is able to deliver over 20,000 contractions over a 30 minute treatment to treat sexual dysfunctions, incontinence, chronic back pain and more. FMS Technology is the way of the future for a variety of applications – learn more about it in this podcast.
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