Resilience and Reset with Grazina

“So when we start talking about leadership principles, we start talking about how they lead, they set expectations and their time. And I often say to the leaders, once you have set expectations for your team, ask your team what the expectations are of you as their leader, because quite often, it’s always one way – one directional, and business owners don’t know how to make a two way when they’re a leader.”
This was such a fun conversation with Griz talking all things and people; we could have kept talking all day!
Griz is from Front & Centre Training Solutions and she spends her days doing everything in the aesthetic medical retail arena. That’s from teaching people how to live their best lives in business, personally. and basically how to be the best version of themselves.
You won’t be short of a few laughs, and you may even learn something about your business and how to talk with your team and present yourself to people.
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