Welcome 2022 : What is the Anybodi Movement (Trish + Nic)

So what’s Anybodi? How did these 2 industry competitors get together to start the Anybodi Movement? S So for those listeners who might be wondering why we decided to partner up – today we share our answers, Nicole Montgomery is the queen of Trusted Surgeons and Trish Hammond is the Plastic Surgery Hub expert)👉🏻so why did these industry competitors join forces?
Trish and Nic are both entrepreneurs who have carved their own paths in the world of aesthetics. They’ve worked hard to get where they are today and continue to do so every day. Although Trish and Nic have similar goals for their business, their experiences, education, and styles are very different.
Let’s hear it directly from them. Enjoy this once in a season fun podcast – Hit the link in our bio to listen now!
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