PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

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PRP is a science-based, medical treatment that has been around for a number of years. It has historically been used for injuries such as sprained knees and chronic tendon injuries. PRP is plasma with many more platelets than typically found in blood. The concentration of platelets in PRP blood can be 5 to 10 times greater (or richer) than usual.

In recent decades, this technology has been harnessed by the medical-aesthetic industry. PRP extracted plasma uses your body’s own rejuvenating properties to help repair and regenerate skin for a healthier and more refreshed appearance with minimal downtime.


The Procedure

This procedure is only undertaken by highly trained registered nurses and doctors. Your blood is drawn and is then processed using a centrifuge to separate out the red cells. The remaining platelet-rich plasma is then used in the facial (or other regions such as neck / chest) process through superficial injections that place your natural substances back into the designated region of your skin.

Once the platelet-rich plasma is injected, it does its work of rejuvenating your face, tightening wrinkled areas, and smoothing the overall look of your complexion. Some people have just one PRP facial while others undergo a regular series of the treatment. The more often you have a PRP procedure, the longer the results of each treatment will last, which is about three to six months.



Q. What areas of the face/body can be treated with PRP?
A. The face, the neck, décolletage and hands are the more common areas that are treated.

Q. Are the results of PRP treatments permanent?
A. No. The results of a PRP treatment last on average 3-6 months, though longer if multiple treatments are undergone.

Q. Is there any danger to PRP treatments?
A. The risks of this procedure are very minimal in the hands of professionals, although some bruising is possible.

Q. Are having PRP treatments painful?
A. Many clinics apply topical numbing cream to patients of the designated areas (such as the face) prior to treatment to minimise any discomfort.



The cost varies depending on how many areas are treated, but PRP treatments usually cost between $600-$1500 in Australia.

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