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A Thread Lift is considered a viable, non-surgical alternative to a facelift. While the results can be great, it is not however as long lasting or as dramatically effective as a surgical face lift.

Thread Lifts have been popular since the 1990s, but in the last decade the material that is used has been improved, most noticeably the threads are temporary, using a medically graded product that is broken down by the body over a period of time.

There are two distinct advantages of the new dissolvable threads. One is the obvious ‘lift’ effect, the second is the barbs of the thread also stimulate a beneficial collagen response under the skin. Threads can be applied to the jowl area of the face (very commonly requested), also along the brow line, the forehead and the cheeks area can benefit from a Thread Lift procedure.

A Thread Lift procedure is most commonly undertaken between the ages of 40 to 60, where a gentle ‘lift’ to the face produces a pleasing result. This ‘lifting’ effect of facial threads are ideal for areas of the face that may appear to be sagging in this age group. Threads can be used in various regions of the face and neck, with the chosen areas determined by the medical practitioner in conjunction with the patient.


The Procedure

One of the obvious advantages of a Thread Lift procedure is it is not invasive in the way that cosmetic plastic surgery is. A general anaesthetic is not required, and the procedure can take as little as 45 minutes to complete – although this can vary, depending on the number of regions treated.

The most common approach for the Thread Lift procedure is for the treatment to occur in a doctor’s clinic. The area the threads are to be inserted is usually treated with a local aesthetic, or a numbing cream.

A thin needle will then be used to insert the threads deep underneath your skin. After the threads are inserted, you may feel light pressure or tightening under your skin as the thread is ‘tightened’. The needles are then taken out, completing your Thread Lift procedure.



Q. Do Thread Lifts work?
A. Yes – but the results depend on the skill of your doctor and the expectations of the patient. The results of a Thread Lift are always only temporary, as the new generation of threads are designed to dissolve over time. The results of a Thread Lift are instant, though they may even subtly improve over the next few months as your collagen response kicks in.

Q. Should I do anything in advance to having a Thread Lift treatment?
A. No, nothing special is required in advance, although blood thinning medications should be ceased prior to treatment. Additionally, as with any cosmetic procedure, the better health you are in prior to treatment, the better your recovery and response will be.

Q. Do I need to do anything after a Thread Lift treatment?
A. Yes, follow any and all instructions given to you by your doctor. These would usually include keeping the treated area clean to avoid any infections. Other aftercare instructions usually include not rubbing the treated area and avoiding side-sleeping for the first few weeks after the Thread Lift procedure.

Q. Does having a Thread Lifts procedure feel uncomfortable?
A. Pain management should be discussed in advance with your doctor. A local anaesthetic or numbing cream can reduce the discomfit of this procedure dramatically.

Q. Are there any risks associated with the Thread Lift procedure?
A. As with most cosmetic procedures, the Thread Lift can produce some unwanted side effects, although in the hands of a qualified, experienced doctor, these are minimal. The chance of infection is the most obvious risk, although other side effects of bruising and swelling are common, but these resolve usually within days. As with any procedure if any unexpected side effects are present, contact your doctor immediately.

Q. How long does it take to see the results of a Thread Lift procedure and how long do the benefits of this procedure last?
A. The results of a Thread Lift are virtually instant, which is another reason why this procedure is so popular. The ‘lifting’ effect takes place as soon as the procedure is complete, with the results lasting on average, between one to three years.



The typical cost of a Thread Lift procedure in Australia is between $1500 to $3000. As with any cosmetic procedure it is worth consulting at least two reputable clinics that offer this procedure to determine and compare the level of expertise and associated costs.

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