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17 August, 2022

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Beauty wholesaler to the aesthetic industry, The Global Beauty Group are thrilled to introduce ReBorn, the latest ground-breaking technology in medical-grade non-surgical body contouring solutions. Developed by Israeli based company LightFective, a company at the forefront of light-based medical treatments, ReBorn showcases the very latest in non-surgical fat reduction technology.

ReBorn - The Latest in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction - Reborn Fat Reduction Machine Image

Based upon years of research, ReBorn is the first of its kind and is quite literally shedding new light on the market by offering a truly innovative approach to non-invasive fat reduction and bodyshaping solutions. By utilising a combination of optimised medical-grade Power LEDS, ground-breaking patented power technology, innovation, and precision engineering, ReBorn is able to provide uniform and even energy distribution like never before, resulting in easy, comfortable treatments with superior patient outcomes and unrivalled clinical outcomes.

ReBorn - The Latest in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction - ReBorn

Designed for professionals, this advanced fat-reduction technology includes:

  • Consistent energy distribution, resulting in advanced results
  • 4 of the largest treatment applicators on the market
  • Cost effective treatments with no consumables, disposables, or hidden costs
  • Ability to treat a wide variety of areas on the body
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Hands free treatments leave clinicians free for other services
  • Proprietary cooling technology to keep patients safe and comfortable
  • Fast and easy treatments to perform with no patient downtime
  • Ideal for people who wish to avoid invasive treatments

ReBorn - The Latest in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction - ReBorn Effects on Fats

ReBorn is unique in that it uses a new type of light source hundreds of times more powerful than normal LEDs. This innovative Power LED technology uses the 940nm IR (infrared) wavelength, and can emit power up of 200W+, thus achieving optimal heat absorption in the fat cells targeted. Unlike other fat freezing or fat cavitation machines, ReBorn utilises military medical-grade Power LED technology to provide advanced results through optimised, homogenous energy, allowing for uniform heat over the entire treatment area, raising the temperature of the fat cells to trigger apoptosis.

During treatments, 940 IR (infrared) light is absorbed by fat cells that lie at depths of 5mm -14mm beneath the skin WITHOUT affecting the epidermis. Successful fat reduction or cell apoptosis requires heating treatment area to a uniform temperature of 42°-47°C over a period of 25 min. Unlike other light-based technologies which suffer heat disparities of up to 60%, ReBorn delivers even, consistent heat over the entire treatment area, resulting in unparalleled clinical outcomes and overall effectiveness. Thanks to ReBorn’s cutting edge design, the patented light source and cooling system allow for safe and comfortable body sculpting treatments whilst also achieving enhanced treatment outcomes for both patients and clinician alike.

ReBorn - The Latest in Non-Surgical Fat Reduction - ReBorn Arm Treatment

Treatments with ReBorn are clinically proven to remove stubborn and unwanted fat cells for long term fat reduction results. With the system comprising of 4 lightweight ergonomic applicators, ReBorn can reduce unwanted and stubborn-to-shift pockets of fat on most parts of the body including but not limited to: the stomach, abdomen, back, hips, flanks, upper thighs, lower legs, and arms.


Each of the 4 applicators have a matrix array of 63 (9×7) Power LEDs in the 940nm IR (infrared) range. This creates a 7x5cm² spot size with a semi-wide (80°) optical angle that is x1.45 bigger than any other competitor’s treatment applicators. This empowers ReBorn with the largest treatment spot size in the industry, 250-440% larger than other laser competitors. Studies have also shown that on average, ReBorn is able to achieve a temperature that is 2.4 degrees higher than leading competitive fat-reduction devices.

Even energy distribution and better heat coverage means optimal results that are safe, with no discomfort or downtime with proprietary cooling technology that keeps patients comfortable during treatments. Designed for ease of use on multiple areas the smaller and lighter treatment applicators, allow for hands-free operation, freeing up clinicians to perform other treatments and tend to other clientele at the same time.


Treatments consist of 3x 25-minute sessions, ideally spaced approximately 4-8 weeks apart with optimal results becoming visible after 12 weeks. Patients will start to see results after the first treatment, with the treated fat cells being flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system in the weeks post treatment. As there is absolutely no downtime, ReBorn is the perfect lunchtime treatment for people who lead busy and fast-paced lifestyles – with patients able to resume their normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

ReBorn is the perfect alternative for people considering liposuction but are unwilling to endure the cost and pain of an invasive treatment and is a fantastic solution for targeting pockets of fat in difficult areas that diet and exercise alone don’t seem to be able to shift or improve. ReBorn utilises state of the art optimised, homogenous energy to target and heat up fat cells, providing a superior and effective, safe light source for uniform and consistent treatment results.

Reborn Before and After Photos

To experience fully integrated patented medical grade LED technology, unrivalled clinical outcomes and all that ReBorn, the latest breakthrough in non-surgical medical-grade fat reduction solutions has to offer; please contact The Global Beauty Group to find out more.

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