Dr Craig Layt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

I went to see Dr Craig Layt as he had been recommended to me by a couple of friends I have in the cosmetic industry as the best surgeon they knew. I went to see him for Breast Augmentation. I knew I would be lucky to be able to have this procedure as I am older, had breast fed for many years & had lost weight so did not have a lot of breast tissue. After a very informative consultation with me, Dr Layt told me I would need a Maxoplexy – lift & augmentation to achieve the results I wanted. I had seen this option in the research I had done prior to my consultation, but until I went to see Dr Layt would not have gone through with this procedure as I did not like the scaring & thought it was quite invasive surgery. Dr Layt put me at ease & made my decision to have the Maxoplexy easy. I booked myself in for this surgery on the day of my consultation.

My surgery was the day before all elective surgeries where shut down due to Covid, end of March this year. I was concerned in the lead up to surgery as the world (& media!) had gone crazy with this virus so I was naturally concerned about having surgery at this time & the risks involved. Dr Layt put me at ease & ensured me I was low risk & he was not worried at all, so I had my surgery that day. In hindsight my timing could not have been better as my recovery was in lockdown. My surgery was a great success & I am really pleased with the size, scaring & results of my surgery. It has given me a greater confidence in myself. The recovery was definately not nearly as bad as I anticipated.

Dr Layt is a real character. I enjoy his bedside manner & the relaxed but professional way he dealt with me. I would highly recommend him, he is a perfectionist & a very talented man. He has a great team in his Southport office who are very welcoming & professional. I would definately use Dr Layt for any future surgical procedures I would have.