Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

9 September, 2017

I am a mum of a young boy and after breast feeding for 15months it was time I looked to correct them. I never really had nice looking breasts, they were a good B cup but set handing with the areola so large it was taking most of the breast area. So not nice. This was a big decision for me as I take any surgery seriously especially when it's elective. I was recommended to many however Dr Rubinstein was by far the best. But it's not even just about him, it's the whole experience. From the moment you enter into the practice the staff greet you with kindness and a smile, not just an other number. The fact is every single patience has their own emotional journey for whatever procedure they are there for and they seam thoughtful of this. I especially loved Kate, Dr Rubinstein's nurse. I had five star treatment from start to today. Dr Rubinstein is funny, kind and for once I met a surgeon who didn't make it all about himself. Honestly all other surgeons spoke so much about themselves they hardly took the time to get to know me. From the consultations to the surgery the service remained consistent. He has his own private team at the hospital and you know you are being taken care of. He was open and honest that he was trying to do so much in the one surgery that there was a possibility for a small correction, however it did not bother me one bit, as I appreciated the honesty and desire to get it perfect. My case was not a straight forward one, I wanted a breast lift with NO implants and I wanted them to look beautiful with no assistance per say. One breast was larger than the other etc.. Post surgery, the stitches were internal and so delicate, the incision he made, was simply the straightest neatest cut I've ever seen and I was up and about straight away. His team is A+, kind but highly skilled. The next day Kate came to visit with a little pack of peppermint tea, arnica and other kind, thoughtful things for my recovery. I was very impressed! I also received a call after my one night in hospital to find out how my first night at home went etc. Post surgery it's now been 8 weeks and they are stunning. Honestly I can't say how happy in am. They are perfect. I'm a little puzzled as to how he achieved this result with no implants etc. The only tiny little thing is that the right nipple and areola may be slightly too high but that specific breast is still a little puffy and needs time to settle, wont be surprised if it just shifted right into place. When I mentioned this to Dr Rubinstein, he agreed and said to give it time. He never once tried to make it out that it wasn't there or that I was being picky or sensitive. He wants them perfect. He immediately said I can see that too, lets give it some time we may find it settles in just perfectly. Either way I'm honestly not concerned as i know I'm taken care of and I have a feeling being that breast is still healing it will all fall into place nicely. You can't see it too much it's only when you're looking at it intensely. An other plus is that Dr Rubinstein, offers 3x laser scar treatments as a part of the package. I mean the scars are healing so nicely on their own I can't imagine when i begin my treatments in an other 4 weeks what they will look like. How great is that! OH and I get a facial too. Honestly, I feel strongly women need to know about Dr Rubinstein. I've never taken the time to write a review before but as this was important to me and I know other women would be going through something similar it's important we highlight the good guys in this very fast and sometimes cut throat business, as we're not just a number. Wishing you all ladies a happy recovery!