Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

3 September, 2017

I had a breast reduction in February and have never been happier!
Craig is an incredible surgeon; he's professional, kind, and has a wonderful bedside manner. I'm 23 and have wanted to get a reduction since I was 16. When I had my consultation, Craig answered every question before I could even ask. He put my mind at ease and explained the process in very specific detail.

He took photos of my breasts and drew on the photos to explain what would happen, then explained the aftercare process. I was very lucky and managed to book surgery for a month after my consultation. My surgery took place at St. Vincent's Hospital in Kew and the staff there are all helpful, professional and kind. I was quite nervous before the procedure – because I had never had surgery before – but Craig constantly reassured me the entire time I was there. He even went out of his way to speak to my mum after the surgery to tell her that the surgery was a success and that I was good. When I woke up, I was not in pain at all. I did feel sick, but that was because of the anaesthesia. My breasts did not hurt at all during the 3 weeks I took off to recover; it was uncomfortable but not painful. No worse than period pain I would say.

My breasts were bound for one week, and at my one-week appointment the wraps were taken off and I got to see my breasts for the first time.
They were very bruised, but no bleeding, and I did have tears in my eyes. I went from a size H to a C/D (I'm in between) – down 5 sizes!!!
I actually lost 2.5 kilos – that's how heavy my breasts were before surgery.
As part of the package deal I got with Craig, I received 3 free Fraxal (laser) appointments to get rid of the scarring. My scars are almost gone now, 6 months later. Craig also offers antastic deals with surgery: you basically pay for the surgery itself, and almost everything else is free, including follow up appointments. The office even supplies you with free bras and a little hospital bag. His office is amazing: all the staff there are lovely, kind people. Basically, Craig will be my breast doctor for life, and if he is still practising when I begin to have mammograms, I will continue to see him. So it's not just "have the surgery than see you later" – he remains involved for many years to come. Every time I see Craig, he is super happy to see my progress. He is very compassionate and always asks if I have any questions. If you are considering having breast reduction surgery, go straight to Craig. The reduction can be a scary thing to contemplate – at least it was for me – but I had no issues or worries when I was in Craig's hands. He is the best surgeon I have ever come across and I will recommend him to everyone!

If you have any questions, please contact me! Especially for any young girls considering this surgery. I'm 23 and can tell you about my experience in more detail to put your mind at ease.