Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

23 January, 2017

I feel the same about Craig as everyone else that has put a review here, he is amazing and not like a lot of specialists, he has great bedside manner, is kind and makes you feel very comfortable with the procedure you are going to have and makes sure you understand exactly what you will be in for.
I am a 56 year old with 7 children and had wanted to have a tummy tuck since after my last child 17 years ago. I had lost about 25 kilos and my belly was just hanging, so I decided it was time. I went to another plastic surgeon first but did not feel comfortable he was confident about how much he could take away, so went away to think about it.
I was lucky enough to have an appointment with a vein specialist Dr Louizou who recommended Dr Rubinstein and told me he was the best in the business and he was right.
From the moment I met Dr Rubinstein I felt confident he was going to be able to look after me from the start of this journey to the end and that he would do everything to make sure I achieved the best possible out come and it was all covered in the original cost even if I had to have a second surgery to finish the procedure.

It has been 4months since and was a long healing time (which he had warned me about) with muscles that had to be repaired and a little bit of healing issues that he addressed immediately with regular laser therapy twice a week for about 5 weeks and all costs were covered and now I am having scar treatment and laser for some extra weight I have on my abdomen which again is all covered. I am so amazed with the care I have been given by Dr Rubinstein and his assistant Kate (she is amazing ) I can not recommend them and their practice highly enough. they have changed my life, I have more confidence and feel 10 years younger, I still can not believe how I look everyday.