Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

25 February, 2016

Back in 2013 I was struck down with Bronchitis, whilst training for a full marathon in November. This was the beginning of a plunge into darkness health wise, and it would take 2 years for me to get diagnosed with ruptured PIP implants.

On the 29th January I returned from a painful run to discover that my left breast had started to swell. I had been diagnosed with liver lesions and a compacted bowel 3 months earlier and somehow thought this was related.

My GP had been treating me for the past two years, and ordered a mammogram and ultrasound. He had also conducted several autoimmune tests on me, with no results.

His request for a mammogram had me searching on Google when I first recognised my symptoms against an article on ruptured implants.

I am eternally grateful to the staff and Dr Craig Rubinstein at http://www.cosmeticsurgeryforwomen.com.au for promptly diagnosing, organising surgery, and complete after ops care.

It has been only a week since the surgery but I already feel like I have been given a second chance at life.

After two years of misdiagnosis by GP I am so grateful to be in Dr Rubinstein’s hands. The man is an artist. My chest was so disfigured pre surgery due to encapsulation on left side, and disintegration on the right. It has been a week post op and my breasts look amazing.