Dr. Craig Rubinstein recieved a Review

1 September, 2020

Dr Craig Rubinstein and his team walked me through a thorough consultation several months before my surgery (long wait times due to covid). The team was incredibly kind, thorough, and non judgemental. I felt such support and excitement to have this procedure that I'd waited so long for, and the team really shared my enthusiasm! The surgery itself was done at a private hospital that provided seamless support for my overnight stay. Now, two months post op, I've been back to see Dr Craig and the team 3 times for check ups and scar treatments. I'm hardly worried about the latter as the scar is perfectly positioned in my breast fold and is just under 3 cm long. I'm so impressed with the team, the procedure and of course the results! I am 100% satisfied with my choices and would highly recommend Dr Craig and his expert team to anyone.
As an aside, I allowed Dr Craig to film the surgery as he actively partakes in educating the current Plastics students, since he is one of the top Plastic surgeons in Australia. His leadership and involvement with their education improves my high opinion of his expertise and precision