Dr Jeremy Hunt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

I am thrilled with the results of the upper and lower lid blepharoplasties I had less than 8 weeks ago by Dr Jeremy Hunt. I saw Dr Jeremy hunt as I felt that I looked tired even when I was well rested, my eyelids sat on my eyelashes and I could see a shadow in my upper field of view. I am a very active 46 year old mother of 2 and felt that what I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect how I felt on the inside.
Dr Hunts is friendly, knowledgeable and professional which is fabulous but what really impresses me is his surgical skill. Dr Hunts incisions perfectly follow the natural fold of my upper eyelid, both upper and lower incisions marry exactly. The result is a very fine scar which completely disappears into the upper eyelid crease. At just under 8 weeks I am not having to wear make up or concealer to hide the surgery site. I feel that the symmetry of my eyes is actually better now after surgery than it was before. Even my close friends cant tell that I’ve had surgery, the result is subtle and natural looking. I’m feeling fresh and confident and best yet I still look like me.