Dr Jeremy Hunt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

I would like to thank jermery hunt for my surgery.
I saw jermery hunt in november 2016 and had my surgery a lower body
lift on the 26th april 2017.
Its been just over a week now and im walking, showering myself and doing fine.
After having 4 children and losing 25kilos i had so much loose skin in my tummy and my lower body had just collasped , i saw jermery hunt and
he suggested a lower body lift is the answer, i now have a flat tummy
no stretched skin any more a bum that is now where is should be not
hanging down towards the ground and my legs are also not as big from
being pushed up and lipo done as well there.
Looking forward to round 2 in a few mths time for a breast lift and nose reshaped and inner thigh lift.
I had 4 consults and some where cheaper then jermery hunt but his caring nature and listening to what i needed i chose dr hunt.
His staff are caring and i cant believe i havent done this before age 43 as my kids are all grown up and there was nothing stopping me
except being scared.

Thankyou again