Dr Jeremy Hunt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

I’ll start off by saying if you read nothing else, read this – Dr Hunt is an extraordinarily gifted plastic surgeon and all round people person. Now for the details…

On my initial consultation with Dr Hunt I was immediately made to feel comfortable, and he asked me to explain what I felt were my issues. I had a large ridge in the bridge of my nose, bulbous tip and a deviated septum from breaking my nose twice which created lots of sinus congestion, pain and breathing problems. I was also very flat-chested and lopsided with my left breast an A-cup and right breast an AA-cup. I said that it was important to me that I still look like me, just with improved breathing and proportions. Dr Hunt listened attentively throughout, took all the relevant measurements and showed me relevant before/after photos of prior patients. Dr Hunt then explained his plan and techniques, what type of implants he used, drew diagrams and gave me the relevant information packages to take home. I was introduced to his practice nurse who was incredibly friendly, also putting me at ease while helping me try on and select implant sizes. The administration staff were unbelievably helpful with hospital bookings, paperwork and deposit.

On the day of surgery Dr Hunt and his nursing team at North Shore Specialist Day Centre we extremely competent, helpful, and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Dr Hunt came to check on me post procedure and explained how the surgery went, what to look out for should there be any complications and the immediate post care. I was given scripts for the appropriate pain relief and antibiotics, one of Dr Hunt’s nursing team explained all post care instructions and showed me how to adjust my compression garment for my breasts. I was discharged home in the early afternoon and received a follow up phone call at home the next day from Dr Hunt to check on my progress. I’ve since had three follow up appointments to remove nasal splints, stitches, dressings and be issued with new post care instructions. At each appointment I found Dr Hunt and his nursing team to be incredibly competent, thorough and friendly.

I have had my turbinates reduced, septum straightened, ridge on my nose decreased and tip reduced. Most importantly, it still looks like my nose but I can breathe through it and I’ve had no issues with sinus congestion or pain. I had two different sized silicone implants with under the breast incisions to create even C-cups, which are completely natural looking and in proportion to the rest of my body. I feel like a better version of myself and am so incredibly happy with the results.

I absolutely cannot give Dr Hunt higher praise he listened to what my concerns were and delivered exactly what I had pictured. His reputation as Sydney’s number one plastic surgeon is absolutely deserved.