Dr Jeremy Hunt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

After having breast implants 33 years ago and not being happy with the results or how my body looked I decided to do something about it. Breastfeeding 2 children and then losing 12 kilos did not help at all but made me feel worse about my body. I went to see Dr Jeremy Hunt after reading only positive reviews about what a talented surgeon he was. I would highly recommend Dr Hunt to anyone considering surgery as he made me feel totally at ease on my very first consultation. He knew exactly what I wanted and the results were even better than I expected. I have never felt as comfortable with any other surgeon. Dr Jeremy Hunt is a talented, professional and totally amazing surgeon. I had no idea what to expect after my surgery and the results of my breast implant replacement were amazing. I have never felt happier with how I look and the confidence I feel.His staff were also very friendly, helpful and available to answer any questions I had before and after surgery. Fantastic results from the most amazing surgeon ever!