Dr Jeremy Hunt recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

Having lost 55kg and completing a 2 year weight loss journey was bitter sweet. I had successfully changed my eating patterns, had a regular Personal Trainer and running program something that I was proud of. I just had this one niggle when I ran I could feel and hear the excess skin on my stomach and my oversized bust slapping around no matter how tight the pants or bra. Not to mention my busty bust was almost down to my belly button. The nice clothes I wanted to wear I couldn’t I felt cheated.
I went to Dr Jeremy Hunt for a consultation instantly he echoed my concerns and he believed he could give me the shape and size I was looking for. I had two previous consults with other surgeons however Dr Hunt’s manner understanding and confidence to deliver was all that I needed to move forward.
The surgery pre and post support was great no questions were frowned upon and Dr Hunt was supportive of me training for the operation and even completing the City to Surf three days pre -op. I am now 3 months post – op and I look and feel amazing. I am back at the gym and running I have a beautiful shape with slender hips, the start of a six pack no gross belly overhang, my newly shaped and sized bust sits up on my chest where it rightfully belongs. An added bonus to the surgery I now have a booty that looks and feels amazing. Dr. Jeremy Hunt is a genius he has a keen eye for detail, listens to your concerns and then creates the master piece you always imagined you wanted. I still catch myself looking at my reflection in the mirror or the shop window as I walk past and thinking oh that’s me. Your body is the temple that houses your soul so why not allow Dr Hunt to help create the shrine you so rightly deserve for your inner and outer beauty.