Dr Johnny Kwei recieved a Review

16 May, 2021

Dr Johnny was exceptional throughout the whole process of my breast augmentation.
Firstly, Dr Johnny had such in depth knowledge and passion for plastic surgery which made me feel at ease and confident about having him perform the surgery. Secondly, he created a strong and robust relationship with me quickly. I felt safe and he was super easy to talk with. I could ask any question and felt it was a safe space to do so. Thirdly, the results are incredible. He has done a fantastic job and my new breast look amazing!! Dr Johnny and Jocelyn made every step of the journey easy and hassle free. I would recommend him to everyone and will use him for future work I may possibly have. His passion and love for plastic surgery along with his positive, bubbly energy made him a fantastic choice to be my doctor. Dr Johnny goes above and beyond in all aspects of his work.