Dr Johnny Kwei recieved a Review

25 October, 2020

After delaying breast reduction surgery for years, and spending so much time, energy and money doing due diligence on plastic surgeons, I found the perfect surgeon in Dr Johnny. He is meticulous in achieving your best results, I loved that he talked geometry, symmetry, and gave me realistic outcomes and was so sensitive to my personal journey. I was never felt rushed in consults, every question was important to me and answered with such a reassuring manner. I trusted him 110% from the initial meeting.

Dr Johnny was accessible and super responsive after the surgery and his staff and practice manager were amazing. Never has I felt so supportive from medical professionals.

I was a heavy 18JJ and now I’m a perky 18D. I have never bought bras off ‘the rack’ and now I do! I can exercise with ease, wear clothing I have never considered suitable, I’m so much happier and pain free. That neck and back pain which you get used to – it goes, I don’t miss the hassle of big boobs.

If you want a caring, sensitive, meticulous and skillful surgeon, you will find it with Dr Johnny Kwei.