Dr Justin Perron recieved a Review

1 October, 2021

My large breast had always been the bane of my life from age 13. I felt dowdy and couldn’t get clothes to fit me nicely. I thought many times about breast reduction but because my sister in law had passed away from breast cancer, I felt I should be grateful for healthy breasts. Then at the age of 60 – I thought stuff it. I made an appointment to see Dr Justin Perron of Form and Function Clinic Brisbane, lost 12 kgs in weight before surgery (my own choice- no pressure from anyone) and I am thrilled with the results. It’s never too late. I bought a Size M $4 t-shirt from Kmart for the garden and it brought tears to my eyes. I feel fantastic and just between you and me – I look fantastic. I can’t thank Dr Perron and his team enough for the way they looked after my procedure from the first consultation onwards. My bra lady who sees a lot of surgical cases was also extremely impressed with the look of my new breasts. Trust me – there is no higher praise even if she is now going to lose money as I won’t be buying my 14G bras.