Dr Patrick Briggs recieved a Review

4 October, 2021

I am 21 and my breasts are “old”

At 21 wearing backless dresses, hanging out at the beach in my bikini with friends and not covering up, was not something I was familiar with. In fact the contrary was part of my daily routine, covering up!

For as long as I can remember, I knew that my breasts was “not my breasts” I felt like I had this young body and inherited and elderly persons breasts, or as Dr Briggs kindly described them “matronly”. Notwithstanding the love and re-assurance from my parents and partner I was not happy. I thought this is it, I am stuck I cannot do anything about it, until I saw results from some close friends and decided, I can do something about this for me, nobody else.

From the minute I had my consultation with Dr Briggs, I felt comfortable, and relaxed. I had no doubt about the surgery, and the path I have chosen. Dr Briggs and his staff cared, nurtured and supported me through my surgery. Any questions I had was answered promptly and professionally.

Today I had my 10 months post-op appointment and my life cannot be more different. I am a young 22 year old, with my whole life ahead of me, confident, fashionable, and with breasts that are totally mine and belongs to my body. It truly has been life changing surgery!