DR PETER WIDDOWSON recieved a Review

1 October, 2021

As a previous patient of Dr Widdowson,
I found him to be a very pleasant and informative to deal with. His bedside manner is one of the best I've experienced with the doctor .. very caring very patient.

I had several surgeries and I had a few hick ups along the way due my anatomy, he was a true professional during all procedures and truly helped me to get the best desired outcome.

I found him pleasant at all times .
When I found myself in rather uncomfortable pain post immediate procedures he always made sure that I have enough pain relief to keep me comfortable and never rushed me or made me feel for bad for taking my time to feel well enough to go home from hospital.

Overall my time as being one of Dr. Widdowsons patients was a good experience.
I hope I can afford to get him to do a reconstruction down the track as I feel I have damaged one of my implants from surfing a lot!
Fingers crossed.
He's the only one I trust with his well trained hands.

Warm Regards
Joanne Kosef