Dr Scott J Turner recieved a Review

4 October, 2021

I had a tummy tuck in August 2013. This was always an area that had bothered me after my 3 Caesars. I was at my optimum weight and thought it was the right time to do it. After my initial consultation with Dr Turner and asking a tonne of questions I realized afterwards how patiently he answered them, and also answered them in non “Dr’ terms. We proceeded onto the next step with his wonderful Office Manager organizing my dates for surgery. In hospital I was drawn in all the right bits and Dr Turner explained where a little liposuction would happen and where the removal of my excess skin would happen. And indeed it did. Summer hit and I have lived at the beach in my new bikini ever since. I never realized how this kind of surgery would help my confidence, especially at my age (41) My Stomach scar is neater than my Caesar scars and is already on its way to disappearing.I truly believe Dr Turner is a wonderful surgeon and am happy for him to pass on my details in private or for Dr Turner to show you my photos.