Dr Shagun Aggarwal recieved a Review

4 October, 2021

I had a bilateral breast reconstruction in June this year at the same time as having a double mastectomy. This was my first ever surgical experience at the age of 68 and I didn’t know what to expect. Initially in January when I was diagnosed with cancer in my left breast and decided that a double mastectomy was the only option I wanted, I was very unsure if I wanted to go ahead with a reconstruction. My surgeon referred me to Shagun so I could investigate my options, I was having chemo first so had time to make a decision. My first visit to see Shagun was really a fishing expedition to explore my options and see how I felt after that. From the very first visit, when I explained this to Shagun, he was reassuring, caring and explained all the options in great detail. Never at any time did he try to influence my decision, was open to discussion and never dismissed any of my endless questions. Once I decided to go ahead we met again right in the middle of the COVID restrictions. At that time reconstruction was not on the list of ops considered necessary but happily for me, Shagun had already consulted with my oncologist and oncolology surgeon and they were happy for surgery to wait till I could have both surgeries at the same time. I didn't have to worry about a single thing. There are not enough words to describe how positive this experience has been for me. Dr Aggarwal and his team were caring, reassuring thoughtful during the whole pre and post operative process and have made the journey easier than I ever expected it would be. I am proud to have my “noobies” despite telling him on occasion I didn’t care what they looked like, deep down I really think I did care. They look great, feel normal and now I feel very normal again as well.
When you embark on a journey that is scary and the future is not certain, you need Doctors who are very skilled not only with a knife but also can talk to you, listen to you ,and make sure you are well looked after both medically and mentally. Dr Aggarwal and his team easily fulfill this criteria and I will happily recommend him to anyone who may find themselves in my shoes