Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

7 October, 2021

I am a professional woman who has held high profile positions within Australia and abroad.
Several years ago I contracted breast cancer, which left me with the complete removal of my left breast. I had a wonderful Breast and Endocrine Surgeon who performed the mastectomy, no doubt saving my life and I’m happy to say I remain cancer free.

However, as part of this “journey” and following the mastectomy I had several surgeries with a Brisbane Plastic Surgeon (who was said to be highly regarded). Unfortunately, he caused me to have an excessive amount of ill health and many long stays in the hospital. Worst of all after 6 surgeries I was left with a terrible, ugly result and little or no courage to try again.

7 years passed and I decided to face the prospect of giving it another try. I decided to be extremely thorough and looked for someone with outstanding skills but who understood the complexity involved.

My search included all the states across the country. It took some time and several consultations with surgeons who didn’t “fit the bill” and whom I had did not have confidence in.

I finally struck gold and was lucky enough to find two surgeons that work closely together – Dr Sugitha Seneveratine and Mr Patrick Tansley – in Melbourne Victoria. When I walked into the Melbourne practice at North East Plastic Surgery I immediately felt comfortable. Both surgeons conferred openly with me discussing what was possible and both could immediately see the issues that we faced. They provided a realistic confident approach in what they felt could be achieved. Nothing was rushed and we had several consultations with both investing many planning hours in how to fix my issues and make my life livable and normal again.

To say it was a challenge would be understating it. Given the care that was taken by surgery day I was fully confident that we had covered as many options as possible and that I was in the most competent of hands.

We agreed that for the best results my surgery should be split into two parts (6 mths apart). I’m happy to say the first portion is complete and the results are already fantastic.

The care I received post operatively from both was nothing short of amazing. There is one thing to knowing your craft but another entirely to utilizing that craft to improve the life of another.

They have now expanded North East Plastic Surgery to Brisbane so I can have my next instalment closer to home !!!! .

If you are looking for the best skilled surgeons to give you the best result no matter what your plastic surgery is then you owe it to yourself to make time to consult with either or both of these surgeons. They who have restored my faith and changed my life.