Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

5 October, 2021

I had noticed over a few years that my eyelids were looking heavier, and I was also beginning to experience limitations to the outer areas of my field of vision. Putting contact lenses in was difficult as it was quite hard to lift my eyelids to aid insertion. I made an appointment with Sugitha to discuss blepharoplasty. She made me feel completely at ease and I decided to go ahead. The day after my surgery, despite tapes, bruising and swelling, I noticed how relaxed my eyes and forehead felt! My eyelids have continued to improve daily and now just two weeks later, I am completely happy with the results. My eyes look and feel so much healthier and more comfortable and I look forward to watching the ongoing healing. I would recommend this to anyone who has heavy upper eyelids that are causing them concern.