Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

6 October, 2021

I would like to leave a glowing review for Dr. Seneviratne and her team at North East Plastic Surgery with whom I had a bilateral abdominal wedge excision and liposuction done in January 2019. Their medical professionalism and expertise as well as their genuine personal care were excellent, as you may expect but don’t always find when looking to have elective surgery.

I came nervously to the prospect of having surgery to extend the abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) I had received previously- elsewhere- with a surgeon and practice with a very different way of operating in 2013. In 2013 my surgery had led to massive life-threatening complications which kept me in hospital for a month and debilitated me for more than 6 months. Indeed it took me two years to regain full fitness. Six years later and with my wedding planned I made the decision to go under the knife again. Dr. Seneviratne, heard, understood and respected my anxiety about the procedure and never once condescended to me because of it- or for that matter because of her status as a surgeon. She was extremely thorough in all areas of risk minimization, before, during and after the operation; she was careful.

Dr Seneviratne has gathered like –minded respectful and professional people around her in her practice. My fiancé and I had a lot of contact with Sue who is an experienced and dedicated nurse in the practice. She also understood medically and personally what my history meant, was sympathetic and clearly knew what she was doing. The anesthetist Dr. Seneviratne works with also respected my wishes not to be fully awake when I entered the operating room.

Even beyond the medical staff the whole culture of the practice was impressive. Vanessa and Sabrina who did Heallite procedures after the operation as a part of the post- operative care always presented well, and were attentive in how they set up the lights, and made intelligent decisions about which areas to prioritize based on how quickly the wound was healing. No one at NPS every displayed that kind of distraction that can be unnerving when people are dealing with your body and person when you are vulnerable. Shannon who co-ordinates cosmetic surgery was lovely, she clearly cared about my journey and Kayla who works at the front desk is always friendly & helpful. There was one small administrative hiccup along the way but it was soon sorted, with an apology, and, when you are having your body cut open the medical and personal care is certainly much more important that administrative slickness.

The results have been very good. Beyond that the scar, after so much post operative care, is healing very neatly and the objective of removing the muffin tops that had been left behind after losing a lot of weight has been met. I will be returning to have a further scar revision to the front of my tummy, which not surprisingly didn’t heal so well back in 2013, and to have new work done to remove excess skin from my thighs. I have every confidence returning in a year to have these things done, which, after five years of hurt feelings and fear of medicos points to another benefit of being careful about who you choose to cut you open- namely, your experience can harm or heal you emotionally too. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Seneviratne and the team at NPS to anyone considering plastic surgery.