Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

6 October, 2021

I had an explant of silicone breast implant. I had a very, very good experience and result.
I live about 500 km away from Brisbane, so I requested a telephone consultation and was given one within about 4 days.
My consultation was jointly with Sugitha Seneviratne and Patrick Tansley.
I explained my desired end result, options I was considering and concerns, and provided photos and Sugitha and Patrick spent about an hour explaining options, what they recommended and what they did not recommend and answered all my questions. They sounded very professional.
I also had a phone consult with a another surgeon as well, who also sounded suitable.
I went with Patrick and Sugitha because I was able to schedule a surgery time more than a month earlier than the other surgeon, during a “downtime” for my work.
I had another phone consult with Patrick once I confirmed I would like them as my surgeons.
I had a third consult about 10 days in advance of my surgery and Patrick expressed concerns that I needed to have an in-person consult at least the day before my surgery (not on the surgery day, which had been previously planned to facilitate my travel). This was a wise decision as we revised what would be done based on seeing me in the flesh – explant only without a lift. In hindsight this was a very good move as lift was not required.
I had previously had bad anaesthetic experiences and I was assured they only used very good anaesthetists to avoid such results. The result was excellent with no nausea or vomiting at all and in fact I didn’t even feel like I’d gone through an anaesthetic or surgery.
I did take the advised panadol for two days, but not sure I needed it at all. I have felt no pain or discomfort at all since waking from surgery. I did not feel the drain removed at all (at day 2). The scar is neat, straight, thin and clean.
Patrick and Sugitha explain things clearly and answer any questions and take all the time I required each time to answer questions.
My implant was already ruptured outside of the capsule (due to recent trauma) with silicone already infiltrating my breast tissue. I am confident they did everything possible to scrape and flush out what could be removed, and the capsule was removed.
I found them both very accommodating with timing and so on, being a long way away.
I particularly found their receptionist Amanda to be helpful and supportive, which was very useful since I did not meet my surgeons till the day before surgery and so liaison was all by phone/email.
I am considering fat transfer at a later stage and I have no hesitation in going back to Sugitha and Patrick for this.