Dr. Sugitha Seneviratne recieved a Review

6 October, 2021

Getting older brought many changes in my body , particularly to my face.
Over the past few years I noticed my eye lids were becoming quite heavy and noticeable as well. I was reccomended to NEP to see Sugitha.
Sugitha was welcoming and very understanding of my concerns.
Sugitha was extremely knowledgeable and confident in what needed to be done. Sugitha suggested a Blepharoplasty ( eye lid lift ).
It seemed very daunting but it was something I was thinking about for a very long time.
I was able to secure a procedure within a week.
A phone call from a Sue the nurse explained the whole process in detail and addressed all the concerns I had . From admission to discharge at the hospital , I felt secure and confident that I was in the right place , doing the right thing and by the right person. The follow up care was wonderful too, checking in on me and my progress and concerns was very appreciated .
I highly recommend Sugitha and her team to assist you in the area of Plastic Surgery , their commitment and attention to detail is something you won’t second think .