Allurion Elipse® Gastric Balloon – the latest, Surgery-free Alternative to Help Aid Weight Loss

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11 April, 2022

The Elipse® Gastric Balloon

A new ‘procedureless’ device that promises weight loss strategy like other surgical results – without the surgery has been approved for use in Australia.

The Elipse® Gastric Balloon is a capsule with a tiny tube attached to it which is swallowed by a patient who wants to shed unwanted kilos. It is now the world’s first swallowable gastric balloon that requires no surgery, no endoscopy* and no anaesthesia for placement or removal.

The Elipse Elipse® Gastric Balloon is a soft, polyurethane balloon that is packaged into a capsule that can be swallowed that is connected to a thin filling catheter (tube). After it has been ingested and is confirmed to be in place, the balloon is inflated through the filling catheter with 550mL of fluid, to about the size of a grapefruit.

After approximately 16 weeks, the Elipse® Gastric Balloon is designed to deflate automatically, at which time the deflated balloon is passed naturally into the toilet. The Elipse® balloon provides those looking to lose weight with essential support and professional advice – without the need for expensive surgery – to help you sustain health dietary habits that the balloon assists to create.

How does the Elipse® Gastric Balloon Work?

The Elipse® Gastric Balloon is designed to help you reduce your food intake by taking up space in your stomach and slowing the rate at which your stomach empties. The Elipse® Ball essentially assists you in creating an earlier and longer-lasting feeling of fullness as the Elipse® Gastric Balloon provides you with an early-stage feeling of fulness while you learn healthy eating and exercise habits for the long-term.

At a technical level, the Elipse® Gastric Balloon works by inducing early stage of feeling “full” in two ways:

  1. Delaying gastric emptying – since the emptying time of the stomach is prolonged,  you feel fuller for longer
  2. Reducing stomach capacity – helping you to reduce your portion sizes

What does the Elipse® Gastric Balloon involve?

The Elipse® Gastric Balloon is placed inside you during a 20-minute procedure. Under the guidance and supervision of our team, you will swallow the capsule with a glass of water.

After you have swallowed the capsule, an X-ray will then be taken to ensure that the balloon is correctly located in your stomach and it will then be inflated with 550mL of fluid to approximately the size of a grapefruit.

After filling the Elipse® Gastric Balloon, another X-ray is taken to make sure the balloon is fully inflated and located properly within the stomach. Your practitioner will then ensure the correct location and monitor you for a short period before allowing you to return home.

After approximately 16 weeks in the stomach, a valve on the balloon opens allowing the fluid in the balloon to empty so that the deflated balloon can be passed naturally into the toilet.

The Elipse® Gastric Balloon is a tool to aid weight loss, giving you a kick-start by allowing you to control portions as you develop healthy and sustainable habits. We know that all gastric balloons are most effective when accompanied by a lifestyle program, which is why the Elipse® balloon is paired with a 6-month lifestyle program, delivered by a team of weight loss and nutritional specialists.

Ultimately, the amount of weight you will lose and maintain will depend on how closely you follow the advice of your medical and allied health care team, including your assigned diet during this period.

Is it the Elipse® Gastric Balloon a silver bullet? No, but like most weight-loss tools, when inserted correctly, monitored and with the help of the patient to follow the correct follow-up diet, the Elipse® Balloon has a place in the toolbox that can help achieve your weight-loss goals without the need for surgery.

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