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The Best Skin Restoration System On The Market

Introducing the BBL HERO (Broad Band Light – High Energy Rapid Output), a revolution in aesthetic light treatments. This unique technology utilises broad band light to cover a much larger designated area of treatment and is faster and more efficient than laser treatments. Because of the nature of high energy light waves, the procedure is much more comfortable when compared to typical laser treatments. This makes the BBL HERO extremely effective in the treatment of patients with pigment and vascular conditions.

  • Comfortable Treatment
  • No Patient Downtime
  • Safe & Effective
  • Delays Skin Ageing
  • Treats Active Acne
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Overall Skin Rejuvenation

The streamlined, non-invasive procedure the BBL HERO offers gives patients the results they desire – fast, easy and effective long term. Having four times the speed and three times the power of other machines as well as its ability to treat darker skin tones gives the BBL Hero a distinct advantage in time and effectiveness of treatment for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is BBL Hero?
BBL Hero is a technology used to treat a wide range of skin related issues including pigmentation (such as sun spots), active acne, vascular and others. Utilising broad band – high energy rapid output the procedure is non-invasive, even considered comfortable to the patient and has shown to be extremely effective. It is a safe and reliable method of treating unwanted blemishes and removal of unsightly hair.

What does BBL Hero do for skin?
The technology behind the BBL Hero safely and effectively treats many skin conditions in a non-invasive, comfortable fashion. Utilising broadband light to target larger areas then laser treatment, the patient will see better results, faster. Some of the skin conditions the BBL Hero can address are sun damage, pigmentation, vascular (IE spider veins), active acne and much more.

How does BBL Hero work?
Using broad band high energy rapid output close to the affected or desired area of treatment, the focused light helps with cell rejuvenation. In effect, helping the skin heal itself. The BBL Hero has twice the power of competing treatments, making it much more effective over a shorter interval. This coupled with the non-invasive, even comfortable treatment and zero recovery time makes the procedure attractive to patients.

Is BBL the same as IPL?
BBL or broadband light differs from IPL or intense pulsed light therapy in a number of ways, but could be considered in the same family of technology. It is considered to be a more advanced iteration of IPL and can treat patients with darker skin and several types of skin conditions more efficiently than traditional IPL. This is due, in part to models such as the BBL Hero having 4x the speed and 3x the power of most IPL machines.

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