Dermal Needling


Dermal Needling, also known as micro needling, skin needling, dermal roller, medical roller (and other variable/similar names) involves applying multiple needles to pierce the skin vertically, which stimulates and triggers a natural healing response in the skin. The result is tighter, softer and younger feeling skin without the downtime and cost of lasers.

Generally, it is considered safe for most skin types and colours. Collagen production and remodelling is successful dependent on the accurate targeting of the dermis. Needling is a great alternative to achieving skin resurfacing and helping to produce a new collagen layer on the dermis. Really good results can be achieved for acne scarring and an uneven texture and colour.

It also enhances the reproduction of natural collagen, reduces scars, improves stretch marks and can fill old surgery scars. To put it in perspective a dermal needling treatment is similar to those from the ablative treatments, such as IPL, Fraxel, laser resurfacing and even chemical peels at just a fraction of the costs.

The treatment is also clinically proven to be very safe and effective having started out in its earliest forms as acupuncture in China centuries ago. The concept of injecting active ingredients to eliminate wrinkles and lines in the skin was introduced in 1995.

The easy use and effectiveness has become a success for patients and practitioners everywhere. Now you can find different products of Dermal Needling all around the world, with great customer excellence and satisfaction.


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