Dimple Creation Surgery


Dimple Creation Surgery is one of the wonders of technology in the field of cosmetic surgery. For those who were not blessed to have a natural dimple as they smile, this is now achievable through a new surgical procedure. For those who do not know how a natural dimple occurs, it is actually a tissue defect in the cheek musculature or buccinators muscle.


First, a local anaesthetic is to be administered before creating an incision. A tiny painless incision is then made inside the cheek. Since the incision is made inside the cheeks, therefore, there will be no scarring outside the skin. A tiny absorbable suture is infiltrated inside the cheek and catches the surface underneath of the skin where the dimple is to be created.

Once the desired depression on the muscle of the cheek had been done, the suture is tied. After that, it will create the dimpling in the overlying skin. Initially, the created dimple is seen even if one is not smiling. However, after a few days or weeks, the dimple will only show up when one smiles or when the face moves. The scarring between the muscle and the inner skin is the one that causes a permanent dimple even when the suture has already been absorbed.

Risks and Complications

These are rare and often only temporary, however, they may include:

  • Bleeding during and after the dimple creation procedure
  • Infection
  • Injury of the facial nerve in the buccal branch
  • Painful swelling
  • Restriction of mouth opening and moving
  • Continuance of unwanted dimples even without facial animation
  • Failure of surgery which may lead to facial damage and would require further surgery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long does the dimple creation surgery last?
A. It usually takes about 20 minutes to perform this surgery.

Q. Can the procedure be done right after the consultation?
A. Sometimes, yes, as it can be performed as an outpatient in the hospital or the surgeons office under a local anesthesia.

Q. Is the dimple creation surgery’s result permanent?
A. The chances of keeping the dimple permanent is 90% – except if the suture breaks in the process of healing, or if there is not enough scar tissue that is formed. In that case, the dimple may come out to be shallow or may totally disappear. However, this is unlikely to happen.

Q. How long is the recovery period?
A. Recovery is pretty fast, so you could probably go back to your normal work after the dimple creation surgery. There may be swelling but it subsides after a few days and that should not prevent you from doing your tasks.

Q. Can I eat and drink right away after my dimple creation surgery?
A. Yes. You may feel a bit of pain and discomfort after the surgery but it should be tolerable and should not prevent you from opening your mouth and chewing.

Q. Can I choose where to place the dimple?
A. Yes.

Q. Are there options on how big or deep my dimples can be?
A. Yes, you are free to decide how deep, how big, and what shape you want you dimple/s should be. The dimple surgery is very much adjustable to one’s preferences because it has many variables (size, shape and depth).

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